Resilient Remedies

Resilient Remedies

We believe that optimal mental health requires an integrative approach. That's why we focus on the evidence-based vitamins, herbs, and supplements that can support mood, anxiousness, and sleep.

We Support Mental Health - Naturally

We Support Mental Health - Naturally

Resilient Remedies is a line of curated supplements from the folks over at Natural Mental Health (NMH). NMH is led by integrative psychiatrist Henry Emmons, MD; integrative pediatrician Timothy Culbert, MD, IFMCP; and integrative therapies researcher Aimee Prasek, PhD. NMH supports you on your path to resilience—not only helping you recover, but flourish—through tailored mind-body skills and lifestyle behaviors.

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Taking Fire Quencher helps with all the "little achies", the places where I have some arthritis such as my toes, my thumbs, my SI joint. When I run out, after a couple of days the aches return. The mild aches dissipate. The more moderate aches lessen and become intermittent. Thank you for a good product.

[Relax Powder | magnesium] I love this product because of the clarity it has provided for my brain and that it comes unflavored but mostly unsweetened. I think I am on year 4 using it and life is better...much better

[Stress Support] These supplements are an important part of my daily routine to try to keep my anxiety in check. Before starting my supplement regime I felt like I would ride the rollercoaster of anxiety fairly often, but having been taking multiple vitamins and supplements, including the "Stress Support" herbs, as well as exercising and practicing better self-care, I can say that I feel much better on a regular basis. I know these pills are a part of keeping my mood and brain more regulated, and I notice that when I react to a "trigger", it's not as bad as it used to be. I would suggest trying these daily if recommended by your doctor/therapist.

Relax Powder | magnesium

Works very well.  My 86 year old dad started taking this a few months ago.  It has really helped his sleep and calmed his mood.  Sara

Relax Powder | magnesium

Love it as needed....

I use the multivitamin (Nourish), so just use this as needed to calm my system. It really helps my mind and body to settle, but without feeling drowsy or too chill. 

Life-Changing! 10/10

This powder has truly changed my life. It helps me manage my anxiety and it helps me sleep. I feel so rested during the day now. I cannot recommend this powder enough. I usually buy the berry flavor and it is part of my night-time ritual now! It also helps calm my nighttime jitters. As a bonus, it is super tasty! I cannot say enough great things about Relax Powder.

Relax Powder | magnesium - Long-Term Stability

At first, it was difficult to identify this products benefits, but in the long-term it has provided me with all the benefits listed on the container. My mood is much more constant (in my experience, I have a lot less anxiety and more happiness because of it), both the time and quality of my sleep have improved, and in general, I have noticed improvements in my social abilities and relationships as this product (along with yoga/meditation) has really allowed me to become more aware of the present and has reduced my tendency to overthink situations. I have been using this product for 6+ months and at about 3 months I upped my daily dose from 1 scoop to 2 scoops. I am grateful for it and plan to continue using it until I can manage my sleep, stress and anxiety myself. 

Relaxed Mood

This has been a life saver for me when paired with magnesium.  It keeps my brain happy without the side effects that pharmaceuticals have caused me. 

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